S19VFS – Heartway Brio 4 Wheel Automatic Portable Mobility Scooter with Swivel Seat



Automatic folding & compact

Swivel Seat

Makes getting on and off the scooter easier

Airline Approved

Comes with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Confirm with airline as regulations may change.

The Heartway Brio 4 is our brand new and most advanced portable mobility scooter and the first auto folding portable mobility scooter in Australia to feature a swivel seat. The swivel seat makes it easier for you to dismount the scooter and is especially ideal for those with hip issues. This scooter is suitable for all heights, featuring a height adjustable tiller and armrests.

  • brio 4 auto swivel side view Brio 4 With Swivel Seat Red

Product Description

The Heartway Brio 4 Wheel Automatic Portable Mobility Scooter with Swivel Seat comes equipped with four pneumatic tyres which means it rolls smoothly, gives easier mobility, and is ideal for shopping centres.

This model of the Heartway Brio 4 uses a foot lever to automatically fold the machine in seconds. It is extremely compact and lightweight. This scooter boasts front and rear LED headlights, that are brighter than ever. This scooter features carrying bars at the front for an easy two-person lift, as well as lightweight and durable carbon fibre cross bars. It’s our brand new Australian design, the best and most advanced portable mobility scooter on the market!

The Brio uses heavy duty thick tubular Mainframe Aluminium (6061).  6061 Aluminium (originally called Alloy 61S) is a precipitation – hardening Aluminium Alloy, containing magnesium and Silicon as its major elements.  This Aluminium is hardened and used for manufacturing rail coaches, truck frames, ship building, bridges and helicopter rotor skins. Many of the parts used within the scooter are also made from Aluminium, creating a scooter with a frame that will lasts for many years to come.


Note: All mobility scooter and electric wheelchairs are programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent the manufactures maximum capacity of the product for the consumer’s general information.




Performance Dimensions

Australian/NZ Standards
Yes - one of the only portable travel scooters to pass the high requirements for safety by the Australian Standards.

Weight Capacity

Weight of Machine (fully assembled)

Weight of Machine (battery and seat removed)

Auto-fold in seconds at the touch of a foot lever.

Airline Approved
Yes - confirm with your airline as rules may change

Large 270W

DYNAMIC R-series 50A

24V 11.5AH Li-Ion Batteries with Material Safety Data Sheet.

2 AH Off-Board, 110.240 Volt. Can be charged anywhere in the world.

Indigo Suspension, unique to the Brio Range

Automatic Electric Braking system

Height Adjustable

Anti Tip Wheels

Special Safety Function
Anti-roll-back safety system to prevent scooter from rolling back on slopes

Swivel Seat
Yes - the first and only portable model with swivel seating. This seating system also allows the seat to be removed in seconds.

Anti Slip Carpet
On foot base to help prevent feet from slipping

Travel Distance
Up to 15km

Optional Extras
Under seat carry bag


Travel Carry Case

Under Seat Mesh Carry Bag

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