Heartway S26 Verve Portable Mobility Scooter



Folds automatically

Robust design

Excellent for outdoor use

Airline Approved

Comes with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Confirm with airline as regulations may change.

The S26 Verve Portable Mobility Scooter is taking the market by storm in 2019. This scooter is a powerhouse - the first ever portable travel-friendly scooter that is also HEAVY-DUTY, featuring a wider wheelbase, 140kg weight carrying capacity, and robust build! The S26 features a handy auto-fold function, folding the scooter compactly with the push of a button. This means it is the perfect scooter to help you get out and about, taking you to places you could have only imagined.

Product Description

The S26 Verve Portable Mobility Scooter is the FIRST EVER heavy-duty portable travel-friendly scooter on the market due to it’s wider wheelbase, 140kg weight carrying capacity, and robust build! It is the absolute latest Heartway model on the market.

The Verve features a versatile build designed to push the boundaries on travel scooters to take you to places you’ve never been able to tackle before on a portable mobility scooter. Most portable scooters are designed to be shopping scooters and can only be driven on flat surfaces, but the S26 is one of the only portable scooters designed to be able to tackle rougher terrains. Its robust design includes a wider wheel base for extra stability, pneumatic tyres for the most comfortable ride, as well as a narrow front wheel base for a tight turning circle and easier navigation.

The S26 also features a simple auto-fold function – simply push the button on the front of the scooter and the machine will fold itself up compactly in just seconds! The Verve is a heavy duty portable travel scooter that will take you to more places than you’ve ever dreamt of. It’s excellent for outdoor use thanks to its versatile design and short but wide frame. This is a travel-friendly portable scooter that’s taking the market by storm in 2019.


Note: All mobility scooter and electric wheelchairs are programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent the manufactures maximum capacity of the product for the consumer’s general information.




Performance Dimensions

Australian standards

Weight Capacity

Max Speed

Automatic folding

21:1 270W 4400RPM

DYNAMIC Rseries 50A

24V 11.5Ah Li-Ion Polymer (14.5Ah option)

2Amp Charger

Indigo Suspension

Travel Distance
Up to 15km

Turquoise Blue, Red

Press button with FOB key technology (no key turn needed)

Full front and back lighting system with additional laser guide lights

Button release height adjustable armrests, fixed to frame for strength. Swing away technology for ease of getting on and off the scooter.

Swivel Seat Option
Yes, upgrade to a swivel seat

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